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Irascible, curmudgeonly CPA business guru is giving away a 16 page report containing his 40 years of unconventional, blunt wisdom to help you create a flood of high quality prospects who don't balk at fees, respect your time and enable you to enjoy the income and quality of life you deserve...

"5 Profit Leaks SABOTAGING Your Accounting Practice and Taking Food Off Your Family's Table...and How to Fix Them"


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  • How to sell without selling
  • How to sell without selling, even if you HATE selling!
  • How to identify your ideal client and "magnetize" them to you, instead of "chasing"
  • How to identify the WRONG client and turn them away without wasting your time on them
  • Neil's favorite four letter word, and why you need to know it and use it daily
  • The secret shared by Trump, Bernie, Rush and Stern, and why you need to apply it in your practice
  • Which is better:  the Specialist or the Generalist?  The answer may surprise you.
  • Why you should never "pitch"
  • The biggest mistake accountants make when they meet with prospects for the first time
  • How to read your prospects' minds, morally and ethically
  • The Empty Cup
  • The truth about why a prospect will hire you
  • Why you should never sell "accounting services" or "tax returns"
  • How to distinguish yourself from the hundreds of other accountants you compete with
  • How to talk to prospective clients in a way that they've never heard before
  • The three-letter word you should NEVER use with a prospective client
  • The biggest marketing mistake accountants make and how to avoid it
  • How to create, seemingly on demand, a river of high quality prospects who ask YOU to take them on as clients and don't balk at your quotes
  • How to predict your income 30, 60 and 90 days from today, regardless of what's happening in the economy
  • More  

This new, easy-to-read report is only 16 pages, but packed to the brim with sound, actionable advice you can use to immediately ring the cash register and increase your profits...within days!

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What CPAs Just Like You Are Saying...

I Doubled My Practice With 25% Fewer Clients in Three Years. 

CPA Network’s Different Approach, Methods and Support Made It Happen.
Robert Jurgens, CPA

We met in October of 2012.

I was a CPA with my own practice 23 years.

From you I learned what a good client for me is and conversely which clients are not good clients, for me.

We tried to change a few not so good clients to good ones, but truly, it was easier to ask those clients to find another accountant.

I was nervous, after all, it took me 23 years to get all of these clients and I didn’t think I wanted to lose any of them. 

I was wrong.

You were right.

Giving up the not so good clients, enabled me to have more time for the clients that really liked me.

I had a plethora of good clients who wanted more good work out of me; but I didn’t know that because I was always inundated with work.

Today, with your help, I have learned to own my practice.

We do not accept every client that asks us for services.

I accept clients that I think I can build an everlasting relationship with.

Tax season has become a breeze in our accounting office.

We have learned to increase rates and have decreased our volume of clients.

I have similar income but enough time to volunteer my services for 20 hours per week during tax season!

I love my work, and I love my clients.

When I speak to my clients I experience their admiration for me and I express my admiration for them.

This is my daily experience in my office.

No longer am I inundated with work or sweating it out in tax season over long hours for the ungrateful.

This last tax season I think I worked 6 weekend half days just to accommodate clients who can’t make it to our office during the week.

I also answered phones for Intuit Turbotax, 20 hours per week, just for the fun of it.

This week 3 new clients wrote me for services.

1 prospect with an international business can’t afford me;

A 2nd prospect with an international business is interested.

The 3rd prospect has agreed to come on board and we have aided them in their audit and in setting up their business for success.

Neil, you taught me that I am more than an accountant.

I am a profitability consultant who can help a business make and keep more money.

Through your guidance I make more and work less.

My clients have never been happier.

The level of work product my office puts out has never been more accurate, professional and helpful to clients.

It’s really amazing how your efficiency and expertise improves when you don’t have too much work, and when you have only clients you like.

To date, I have never felt more appreciated by my clients.

This feeling seems to increase yearly.

All of these results are over shadowed by what I see now as small and insignificant fees I paid you to turn my practice and my life around.

Every work day is a happy day for me, including today.

I have more time for vacations and family after learning to run my practice, instead of having my practice run me.

Thank you Neil Guilmette.

Harlan Kahn, Profitability Consultant and CPA

I have said from the beginning that what I like most about the CPA Network approach is that it is not based on magic and mirrors.  

We need not become arrogant in owning our power, and we need not sell without integrity.  

We can retain our core values, become more profitable, “and” serve our clients’ interests better!  

Leonard Wolf CPA

CPA Network’s Relationship Process and Accountants’ Boot Camp Is, by Far, the Best Training I Have Attended in 40 Years in Practice!
Donald Newberry CPA

I spent over $45,000 and 3 years with the “RAS” program with no results.
CPA network’s method created relationships that triple my old rates and my clients thank me! 
Martin Cohen CPA

CPA Network’s approach to the practice of accounting can change your life.
It certainly changed ours.
Ike Lichtenstein, CPA

I was so frustrated with our inability to generate high profit engagements that I was ready to leave the profession. 
CPA Network’s different approach has generated over $400,000 in new retainer billing in 8 months. 
Brett Newberry CPA 

I took the CPA Network Boot Camp in August.

By the following I reached my goal of 10 Profitability Consulting® engagements.  They average $35,000 a year each. I’m a believer,  

CPA Network changed my life!
Steven Pubins, CPA

Boot Camp has given me the mindset, approach and processes to practice my profession in a way that is much more rewarding for my clients and me.

It will allow me to provide greater value to my clients to achieve the results they want, and generate tremendously more income for our firm.

Boot Camp changed my whole belief system when interacting and developing new client relations, and raised my confidence in creating new opportunities.

It has caused me to re-evaluate the choices we make in terms of the way we practice accounting. 

Ronald Farnworth, CPA

You told me that if I applied what I learned in Boot Camp I should expect at least a 200% ROI.  It paid for itself ten times over (1000% ROI) in the first three months.  I love it.

Paul Jocks CPA

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