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1. Are You running your CPA business or is it running You?

2. Are You tired of constant client fee pressure? 

3. Are You landing all the high paying clients, You want?

4. Is your practice delivering the quality of life and income          You desire?

Many CPA firm owners struggle with these issues every day and aren't sure how to correct them. We have been providing proprietary solutions to these problems since 1992. The results our select clients see are a reduction in burden of management and a substantial increase in quality of life, income and practice value.

In addition, we generate more than we cost!
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Who Are These CPA Network Guys?
Why Should I Care? 

Both Neil and Bill have been involved with many businesses, both winners and yes, some losers. . . The most important thing we learned is that if you give honestly and with integrity, it comes back to you ten times over. You need to have a sense of humor and put more into the world than you take out.

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More Take Home Income

It's not really about the top line numbers that drives a firms success. It's about profits and putting more take home money in your pocket. Isn't that what you really want? 

Less Day To Day Burden Of Mangement

Getting your CPA factory to operate at optimum efficiency equals less stress running your firm and more time away from the office. Isn't that what you wanted from your CPA business in the first place?

Increase The Salable Value Of Your Firm

Ready your firm to sell for the highest dollars possible and sell it when you want to. Rather than selling when you have to. Isn't that the ultimate dream goal for every business owner?

Lastly, and perhaps most important...

I Doubled My Practice With 25% Fewer Clients in Three Years. Their Different Approach, Methods and Support Made It Happen.

-Robert Jurgens, CPA 
I have said from the beginning that what I like most about the approach is that it is "not" based on magic and mirrors. We need not become arrogant in owning our power, and we need not sell without integrity.  We can retain our core values, become more profitable, “and” serve our clients’ interests better! 

-Leonard Wolf, CPA
I was so frustrated with our inability to generate high profit engagements that I was ready to leave the profession. Their different approach has generated over $400,000 in new retainer billing in 8 months. 

-Brett Newberry, CPA
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