About Neil Guilmette

Neil has owned seven different businesses and experienced the highs and lows that only his fellow entrepreneurs can relate to.

Since 1999, Neil has served as principal of Change Management,  a different type of consulting firm specializing in Market Penetration and Personal Business Development Skills for any business, with deep experience with the Accounting, Legal and other professions.

Since 1992, Neil has been a member of the board of directors and a Professional Practice Development Consultant for the CPA Network, Inc., helping CPA firms, attorneys and other professionals make more and work less.

Typically Neil helps generate a minimum of a 125% ROI in year one for his clients and often, much more.

Neil is an expert in each of the four functions of a profitable practice.

  1. Creating the "right opportunities" in the marketplace.
  2. Converting those opportunities into profitable engagements.
  3. Delivering the "Value Promise"
  4. Running "the factory" at optimum efficiency.

Neil's strength is working one on one with professionals to help them create their own personalized repeatable methodology which dramatically enhances their ability to create all the high profit engagement and clients they can comfortably manage.

Message From Neil:

If you are a CPA, CPA firm, an attorney or law firm, or any established business owner and are interested in "serious business growth"... then we should be talking.

If you want to remove the anxiety and stress from client development into a comfort of efficient and complete control, we should chat.

My expertise is derived from having made every mistake one can make in the world of small business and still being able to remember most of them. My practical experience in Market Penetration for seven of my own businesses and scores of clients over the last 40 years, coupled with my copyrighted Relationship Development Process call Discovery or Selling Without Selling, has created results far in excess of expectations and experience of almost every client and professional (except for those who failed to implement what they were exposed to), and generates an ROI in excess of 125% of their investment in our relationship.

I have helped hundreds of CPAs, attorneys and business owners over the past 30 years do two core things:  make more and work less, not to mention increasing the market value of their business and reducing their day to day burden of management.

Our very different approach is not right for every accountant, attorney or business owner. But for those who it IS right for, see a significant impact in their income and quality of life.

If you never seem to have "enough time" or "enough cash flow" or "can't take the family to WallyWorld" or you aren't excited anymore to go to work call me... Maybe I can help. Call to explore if our approach is right for you.

Neil- 631-317-1030

About Andy Lockwood

Andy is a multiple-time best selling author, a lifelong, avid student of direct response marketing and an attorney-turned college advisor, with more than 20 years' experience advising families with college-bound children.  His books include How to Pay "Wholesale" for College, How to Get Into Your "Dream School" Without Lying, Bribing or Photoshopping, and How to Negotiate Your Crappy Merit Aid and Financial Aid Award, each available on Amazon.

Andy has been featured as a college expert numerous times by local, national and international media such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, MarketWatch, CBS News, The Miami Herald, i24 News and other outlets.

His college advisory firm, Lockwood College Prep. (www.LockwoodCollegePrep.com) specializes in helping high income business owners unearth hidden, legal and ethical "scholarships" inside their business, often by paying for college with pre-tax dollars and saving tens of thousands in federal, state and payroll taxes along the way.

As a direct marketing consultant and coach, Andy uses the same strategies and tactics with his clients that he perfected for himself, after 20 years of study and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in his own education, and continues to use for Lockwood College Prep., most notably lead generation (see proof at www.CollegeGuruAcademy.com/certification).

In other words, he is his own best client, serving as his own marketing consultant.   Could he do the same for you?

Possibly.  But Andy takes on a maximum of two marketing consulting clients at a time, and requires an almost obscenely high retainer.

If you're a "high ticket" professional, e.g. doctor, attorney, accountant or advice giving "guru" -- and you are not shy about demanding of your clients a substantial investment in YOUR own services, you could be a good fit for Andy, Neil or Andy's and Neil's services, you’re invited to contact us to set up a time to chat.  See resource box, immediately below.

To Get In Touch

To get in touch with Neil or Andy to explore whether they can help you optimize your business to create a steady stream of highly qualified, motivated prospective clients, and make it more profitable so that you enjoy a better quality of life, call 631-317-1030 or email [email protected]