The CPA Network Club

Each month, a focused "Master Class" seminar and more, laser-focused on helping you increase your profits, income and quality of life


Dear Accounting Professional:

If you're sick and tired of:

  • Struggling to get clients...
  • Prospects and clients questioning and haggling over your fees...and
  • Feeling like your firm is running YOU, not the other way around...

Then I urge you to block out ten minutes of uninterrupted time to read this note -- close your door, put the phone on "silent" and shut down Facebook, LinkedIn and other brain cell-killers...

...Because you may have just stumbled across the solution to your problems.

My name is Neil Guilmette, I've been in the business of advising accountants and CPAs for more than 40 years. (Yes, 40.  That's not a typo.)

I've owned seven businesses, and made every mistake known to mankind, sometimes more than once. 

I've experienced the highs and lows that only we entrepreneurs know about -- the W2 rank and file employee has NO IDEA what we go through!

These are merely some of the reasons why my advice is different, and certainly not right for everybody.  

But for the RIGHT professional, it pays off many, many times over.

As one my former CPA students, Paul Jocks, told me, 

You told me that if I applied what I learned in Boot Camp I should expect at least a 200% ROI.  It paid for itself ten times over (1000% ROI) in the first three months.  I love it.

However, at this stage of my career, I rarely take on private 1:1 clients any more. And to be blunt, it takes a significant investment to get my undivided attention. Not everyone can afford me, despite the significant return on investment I deliver, year after year.

But today's turbulent times have been incredibly tough for the accounting profession, so I wanted to do something to help.  The accounting field has been extremely good to me over four decades, so I feel a moral obligation to give back. This page describes what I came up with.

I joined forces with my former student, author, college planner and master of direct marketing, Andrew Lockwood, J.D. to form the CPA Network Club.  We've designed this membership as a way for select business professionals to get my specialized knowledge, decades of experience and personal advice, but for an extremely affordable investment.

Let's get right to it. 

When you say "yes" to the CPA Network Club, you'll receive the following valuable benefits:


CPA Network Club Membership Benefits

  • Monthly Master Class for members only. Each month, Neil and Andy do a “deep dive” into a topic designed for one thing and one thing only:  to help you achieve a higher income and better quality of life. EVERYTHING in these classes is based on real world, non-theoretical tactics and strategies personally used by Neil and Andy each day, in the trenches.  Topics include:
    1. Traffic & lead generation (the lifeblood of every business)
    2. Client conversion
    3. Copywriting a/k/a "persuasion in print"
    4. Sales ("Selling Without Selling")
    5. Marketing
      1. How to "mine the gold" buried in your client database to create income within days
    6. Positioning to differentiate you from hundreds of competitors
    7. Generating referrals
    8. Optimizing your business operations
    9. Staffing
    10. Publishing
    11. Content Creation
    12. Speaking
    13. Getting Media Exposure
    14. Branding
    15. Fee structure
    16. Self-sabotage and how to avoid it
    17. Money-Making
    18. A Lot MORE


The monthly Master Class is the most important, core benefit of membership in the CPA Network Club. You will look forward to its release, because it could be the most valuable 60 minutes you'll invest each month.

But that's not all you'll get...

  • The Guilmette Gazette newsletter, containing an edited transcript of the monthly Master Class, plus a “hot sheet” featuring the ACTIONABLE business idea of the month, so you can quickly and easily implement ONE proven strategy to bring in profits, immediately.  (This is a hard copy, “snail mail” newsletter, not another email that gets buried in your inbox to read some day.)  Our members tell us they drop everything to rip open and learn from each month’s issue.


  • Call In Day. Every three months, an open “call-in” day. This works like a radio show. You get a call-in number and if you get through, you get a 20-minute coaching slot with Neil and Andy to cover your most important business issues with actual ideas for implementation.  Neil and Andy’s dance card is pretty full and rarely take on new private coaching clients, and when they do, it’s EXPENSIVE. This  coaching is WORTH IT and can immediately accelerate your income, quality of life and impact.


  • CPA Network Private Facebook Group. Ask questions, get answers, and participate in discussions with other members. Neil and Andy also occasionally pop into the forum to answer questions. The activity in the forum isn't overwhelming or a major time suck because the members are successful people without time to waste.


  • Discounted tickets to smaller specific-topic Boot Camps.  Our cardinal rule: members come first. Always. When it comes to my more expensive training events and bootcamps, you’re going to get a steep discount off the “sticker price” paid by non members  This alone will make everything you paid into membership worth it.

By now you should agree that you’ll receive a TON of valuable benefits when you become a CPA Network Club member, but the fact is if you were to use just one tip, tool, strategy, or technique every few months or so, you'd easily more than pay for a year's membership.


The Investment


Our private clients pay $2,000-4,000 per month, on average. 

And one day of consulting with Neil is currently $7,900.

Obviously you won't pay anywhere near that for the CPA Network Club, we're just telling you this to establish what clients happily and unblinkingly fork over to get the results they want (higher income, better quality of life) that have eluded them for years.


The "real world" value of this membership ie easily $997 per month...


But you won't pay that.

Or even half.

Or even half of a half! :)

Here’s how this works. If you sign up today, as a Charter Member, we'll ask you for only $97!

You get all the Master Classes and calls, access to the private Facebook group, all of the coaching, all of the resources, and access to previous Master Classes.

In other words, you get thousands of dollars of marketing and money-making training and support for less than 100 bucks!

And you'll instantly join a select community of like-minded, entrepreneurial business owners who are all on the same page as you and supportive of each other.

If at any time you’re not totally blown away and decide that you’re not getting a return on your investment, just email us and we’ll cancel your membership right away. 


Don't Join Just Yet...


But before you jump in and grab this opportunity, know that our club isn’t right for everyone.

That means that it might not be right for YOU.

This membership is for DOERS.  Not people who want a magic wand or a few sprinkles of pixie dust.

You''ll never hear about "Instant doubling of your business in 17 minutes" or other such nonsense from us.

If you're looking for pie in the sky promises, leave this page now, there's nothing here for you.

This club is for business owners willing to critically question the way they've been doing things, discover a DIFFERENT and BETTER way of doing things, and roll up their sleeves to IMPLEMENT our tested and proven strategies.

It's not for those interested in only the "same old, same old," who are too stubborn and set in their ways to reevaluate everything they're doing with fresh eyes.

That said, we know you’re going to be thrilled and totally “in” once you see what’s inside.

Your job: just give it a shot.

Our job: blow you away with content that changes your life and your bank account. 

And to be totally blunt, if you can’t make back $97 a month with everything that you learn and receive, you don’t have a real business!

So go ahead and click the blue button to get started now. 

Yes! Let's get started...

Still On The Fence?


Here's a little something to sweeten this deal and make it more of a "can't miss" no-brainer....


Get This $297 Bonus Gift When You Join the CPA Network Club Today


When you become a CPA Network Club member, you get instant access to a $297 special edition Master Class training titled, The Four Steps to Optimizing Your Business To Increase Your Profits, Income and Quality of Life. 

Inside this training class, you will discover:

  • How to create a flood of highly qualified, extremely motivated prospective clients who chase YOU and practically beg you to take them on as a client, not the other way around
  • How to quickly and easily position yourself as an authority and expert in the eyes of your prospective clients, which causes them to respect you as a professional and conditions them to pay high fees for your advice without batting an eye
  • “Selling without selling” - how to effortlessly convince your prospects to sign on with you at double the price of your competition, even if you’re terrified of sales and or don’t want to be perceived as a used car salesman
  • A simple, yet devastatingly powerful “tweak” you can use to cast an iron cage around your clients so that they’re never poached by a competitor accountant (Almost everyone misses this easy technique, but it causes clients to slip through their fingers at an alarming rate.)
  • How to sift and sort the clients who are right for YOU, and “fire” the ones who are not...and make even more money after you bid them adieu
  • A “done for you” email and social media campaign to generate prospects and income seemingly at will (Use this immediately.)
  • The secret to becoming so valuable in your clients’ eyes that they’re practically compelled to brag about you to everyone...and refer you like crazy
  • How to become a powerful master of influence. (For use in your personal life and in your business. How to ethically get people to bend to your will.)
  • How to run your business at optimal efficiency, so it works for YOU, not the other way around
  • Plus even more business boosting secrets!

Again, you receive the special edition masterclass for free and all of the benefits previously described for only $97 a month. 

That's 3 bucks and change a day. You can't even buy a drink at “Starbs” for that low a price.

Is there a "catch?" 

Are you thinking that this sounds too good to be true?

There IS a catch...

We're offering the Charter Membership for an artificially low price as a way to help accountants whose lives have been upended by coronavirus...for now.

But we WILL get through this pandemic, and emerge a LOT stronger than the current media seems to want you to believe.

In the spirit of full disclosure:  We're planning to increase the price to $297 (or more) at some point in the future, without notice.  

Please note that there are no refunds, but you can cancel whenever you want, no questions asked.

We don't offer a money-back guarantee because, frankly, if you aren't willing to "risk" a whopping 97 bucks, you're not on the same page as the rest of us and should take a pass. 

You can't grow a business without taking at least SOME calculated risk.

One more thing, if someone leaves the CPA Network Club, that’s it.  You’re not allowed back in.

Our club members are devoted to their craft and serious about increasing their income and quality of life without working harder.

We accept only those serious, entrepreneurial members who are like-minded, devoted to self-improvement and committed to their success.

Not the casual, flighty or unmotivated.

But if this sounds good to you and you're ready to become a CPA Network Club member, then consider this your official invitation to join us!

Who knows, this might be the best decision you've made lately.  Maybe ever!

Click the blue button below to jump in.

See you on the inside,

-Neil Guilmette and Andy Lockwood

Yes! Let's get started...