The CPA Network Mastermind

If you’re looking to make more money but with less stress, worry and time spent IN your business, the CPA Network Mastermind might be your answer.

The format of the Mastermind is simple, but it’s not right for everyone.

Membership is limited to 12 growth-minded professionals in the accounting, legal or financial services fields.

However, it’s NOT an energy-sucking “referral” group where everyone thrusts their business cards in front of each other, delivers deadly boring "elevator pitches" all morning and then complains about not getting any business.

Nor is it a competitive group where only one category (e.g accountant, personal injury attorney, family law attorney) is allowed.

The Mastermind is different.  It’s collaborative and abundance-minded, because there’s more than enough business to go around for EVERYONE.

The Mastermind is a practice development group focused on marketing (filling the pipeline with motivated, high quality prospects) and converting those newly-created opportunities into high-value clients.

However, there are no subject areas that are off the table, because entrepreneurs have unique problems and challenges that only fellow business owners understand. 

Regular, W2 employee “normals” can’t relate to us.  Sometimes even our spouses or partners can’t either!


The goal of each meeting is for each member to walk away with an actionable “breakthrough” that he or she can implement -- within HOURS -- to create more revenue, profit and a better quality of life.  


Here’s the format:

Each meeting, each member gets 20 minutes of focused time as follows:

  • 10 minutes to share a marketing, sales or practice development that’s working for him or her that could benefit the rest of the group
  • 10 minutes to share an obstacle or problem they’d like to solve, tapping the collective wisdom of the group.

The meetings are moderated by Neil Guilmette, a high-level consultant to the accounting, legal and other professions for more than 40 years, and Andy Lockwood, attorney-turned-college planner, multiple time best selling author and student of direct marketing for more than 20 years.

The Investment

If you were to work with Neil privately, you’d invest $2,000-$4,000 per month, on average and people pay Andy more than $1,000 per hour.

However, you won’t have to pony up anywhere near those amounts as a member of the CPA Network Mastermind.

Membership is currently only $297 per month, which is ridiculously low when you consider the value of just one business idea could pay off many, MANY times over for years to come. 

Frankly, if you can't double or triple your investment within 30 days, you probably don't have a real business!

At some point, membership dues will double or even triple, without notice, because of the value.  For now, as a special "launch" deal, we're artificially suppressing the price.

But you can’t sign up here.  The first step is to complete a short application so that Neil and Andy can determine whether you’re a good fit.

Then, if accepted, your first meeting is free, so that you can “try before you buy” by getting a feel for the other group members and vice versa.

Membership is limited to 12 spots only and non-refundable.

Who It’s Not Right For 

This group is only for seasoned, growth-oriented professionals who are willing to share and to check their egos at the door.

It’s not for startup businesses.  

Nor is it for desperate, struggling business owners where the monthly investment will pose a financial hardship. 

And if you’re not willing to collaborate freely and worried about others “stealing” your ideas, this is not for you.

Everything that happens in the group STAYS in the group so that we can all share freely and without worrying about having their confidence betrayed.  

If you feel that this makes sense to you, you’re invited to complete this short application, below.  Please allow a minimum of three-to-five business days to reply.


-Neil and Andy

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